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The Grey Background Map Shows Things That Are No Longer There

Why do the grey images show buildings or natural features that are no longer there?

With TerrAvion, when you view your imagery in the OverView program, you will see the TerrAvion imagery of your field in color, and everything else will be shown as black and white. The black and white imagery is a base-map that we use to provide you context while viewing your imagery. Unlike your TerrAvion imagery, this base map is outdated, and many times will show buildings or natural features that are different now or no longer exist. You should only concern yourself with the imagery provided by TerrAvion and recognize that the base-map is only there to help you reference how you see and recognize the imagery of your fields.

In the image below, the yellow image is an image provided by TerrAvion, while everything else is part of the base-map, which is only there for reference.


If you are viewing your imagery and don't have an image for the selected flight cycle (you can navigate through flight cycles on the blue timeline at the bottom of your screen), your field will then be represented by the base-map which, again, is outdated and will not provide you any current information. In this case, your field will be highlighted by a green box, as shown below.


If you have any additional questions, please email them to support@terravion.com.