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TerrAvion Resolution Size

What is the pixel size of TerrAvion's imagery?

TerrAvion offers one of the highest resolution imagery in the industry.

High-quality satellite imagery offer resolutions of 1m per pixel. TerrAvion’s geo-referenced natural color, infrared, and NDVI imagery has resolutions of 10cm per pixel. TerrAvion also offers thermal imagery at resolutions of 2m per pixel.

Our resolution is higher because we capture imagery in flight at 7,500 feet, instead of from outer space. There are between 5-20 TerrAvion pixels for every pixel captured with satellite imagery. Unlike satellites, which map the entire Earth a few times a year, TerrAvion focuses on detailing the part of the Earth critical to you in regular intervals.

High resolution imagery, regular flights, and 24 hour turnover, allow you to make time sensitive decisions throughout the growing season. TerrAvion provides some of the highest resolution imagery on the market, at the lowest price, making us the #1 aerial imagery provider in the industry. Click here for more information on TerrAvion’s flight cycle schedule.