Pythium Root Rot Hybrid Test Plot - Corn




Growers can use their TerrAvion NDVI imagery to monitor and evaluate seed, chemical, and fertilizer performances in their fields. In this example, an area infested with Pythium Root Rot runs diagonally across the field. The grower planted different hybrids in alternating rows to see which grew better in the infested areas. The July 16 imagery shows that one hybrid, identified above with black arrows, is outperforming the rows marked with white arrows in the infested area. The September 11 imagery shows that this trend holds true two months later. The NDVI imagery allows you to compare the performance of the hybrids in a way that is not possible without it as in-field scouting and natural color imagery showed little if any growth variation.


Use TerrAvion aerial imagery to evaluate seed variety and chemical performance. Remove the guesswork surrounding whether a particular variety outperformed another or a chemical application actually worked by monitoring the crop performance during the growing season.