Powdery Mildew - Grapes



Growers can use TerrAvion imagery to identify areas susceptible to disease outbreak and to streamline scouting efforts. In this example, the NDVI image on the left shows an at-risk area of high vigor, which could be inspected for disease outbreak. Pockets of high vigor see less sunlight and airflow, leaving grapes susceptible to mildew.


Use TerrAvion aerial imagery to identify and quantify disease problems and to streamline scouting efforts to target areas susceptible to disease. Having identified an area prone to powdery mildew in this vineyard, the grower is able to direct in-field inspections to this area and use the “keep watching” feature in the TerrAvion interface to track it over the growing season. The grower is able to consult with his agronomist to make an informed decision about potential remedial actions.