Pollen Systems: How does it work?

Following every flyover, Pollen Systems automated systems collect data collected from TerrAvion and synthesize it with other data in your farm.  We further break down the imagery into specific data formats that help us trend and analyze canopy vigor, block variability, and help project crop yield.

PrecisionView Manager(™) can be used independently of TerrAvion imagery (we support drones and satellite data as well) but is best used in combination with fixed-wing flyover data due to frequency and resolution.

Pollen Systems helps existing TerrAvion customers link their data with other sources, including manually collected data gathered through cellular phones, and create a 360-degree view of the farm - incorporating data from moisture and weather sensors into the data collected from TerrAvion data. Customers can add another layer of data collection that can strengthen their real-time view of canopy vigor, crop variability.