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Plant Growth Regulator Applications - Cotton

Use TerrAvion imagery to inform plant growth regulator application decisions in your cotton fields

For cotton farmers, managing vegetative growth is key, and plant growth regulators (PGRs) are a critical tool for optimizing yield. When left unmanaged, excessive vegetative growth in cotton can lead to lower yields, more potential for disease, delayed harvest, and greater likelihood of boll rot.


You can use TerrAvion’s NDVI imagery to identify zones to target for plant growth regulator applications, which can result in higher yield and increased profit.


You can use TerrAvion’s NDVI imagery to help make a decision on where to apply varying rates of PGRs by identifying areas with different levels of vigor. In this NDVI image, you can see areas of high vigor (green color) in the field. A grower can use imagery, in combination with in-field inspections, to determine application zones for PGRs, (e.g., applying more PGR in high vigor areas and less in lower vigor areas) to maximize yield.


This is how you can use TerrAvion imagery to aid in PGR application decisions. . Please visit TerrAvion’s Use Case page for more information on how you can improve your bottom line by using TerrAvion aerial imagery.