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My Imagery Doesn't Include Part of My Field

Why Does My Imagery Not Include My Entire Field?

There are usually two common explanations for missing partial field imagery.

Incorrectly Submitted Geometry

If an area of your field is not included in your TerrAvion imagery, the most common explanation is that the information submitted during your field order processing was incorrect. The initial shape outline of your field could have omitted a particular area, or included an excess area, which could have been inadvertently billed for. If this is the case, please have your agronomist redraw the field and submit it to support@terravion.com


Flight Cut

In 2017, TerrAvion has exceeds 95% on-time delivery of quality imagery. On rare occasions, technical and weather-related issues force our pilots to take detours that omit certain areas. This could be due to our cameras misfiring, or unpredictable weather occurrences. Both of these scenarios are rare, but in the event that you are missing imagery during a flight cycle, you will be notified when your imagery is processed.


For more information about sub-optimal imagery, please review TerrAvion’s Service Level Agreement.