Managing Weed Pressure - Commodity Crop




Growers can use TerrAvion imagery to identify weed issues in their fields, make targeted herbicide applications, and evaluate the effectiveness of herbicide treatments. In this example, the grower noticed a suspicious area of high vigor in his field in the June 20th imagery, which in-field scouting revealed to be a weed infestation. The grower made a herbicide application to this area, but the July 18th imagery showed that the weed infestation spread despite the treatment. The imagery alerted the grower to the fact that the herbicide was ineffective, and he used the imagery to obtain a refund. The imagery also allowed the grower to catch the weed pressure in time to allow him to apply an effective second weed treatment before it was too late.


Use TerrAvion imagery to identify suspicious high vigor zones in early-season imagery, which may correspond to weed pressure. Use imagery to guide targeted herbicide applications and evaluate treatment effectiveness.