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Identifying Equipment Failures With TerrAvion

Use your imagery to spot equipment failures that would otherwise have gone unnoticed.

TerrAvion provides growers with unique aerial imagery of their fields, which allows them to identify issues that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. Growers often have correctable issues going on in their fields that they are unaware of. These issues can go undetected for years, costing growers thousands of dollars each season.



In this image, you see an odd striping pattern throughout the field. The dark green and purple stripes are growing more vigorously than the light green stripes. The grower hadn’t noticed anything irregular in this field until a TerrAvion representative brought this image to his attention. After the grower reviewed the imagery, he inspected his field and could indeed see the different patterns of growth. After doing some investigating, it turns out that the growers' fertilizer applicator malfunctioned on one half of the planter, applying 15% less nitrogen on that side. The grower used this applicator on many of his other fields, which led to similar results.



These issues did not become clear in the imagery until late in the season. If the grower chose not to review his imagery before harvest, he would not have noticed the problem and would have gone into next season, ending up with the same results.



While the problem is very obvious in the aerial imagery, it is virtually impossible to notice from ground level, as you can see in this image.

Identifying this issue with his TerrAvion imagery will save this grower thousands of dollars on his future yields. It is always wise for growers to review their imagery all throughout the season, and that includes towards the end of the season, when certain issues may only then become noticeable.