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I See Clouds or Shadows In My Imagery

Why do I see what appear to be clouds and shadows in my images?

At TerrAvion, we strive to deliver you high quality images 100% of the time, and succeed in doing so about 95% of the time. Our pilots are constantly battling varying weather conditions to capture clear images of your farms and fields, and unlike satellites and drones, we have a high success rate in working around these variables. On rare occasions, our pilots run into unavoidable weather patterns and inevitably capture some clouds or shadows in your imagery.

While this is rare, if we do capture clouds or shadows in your imagery, but decide that the imagery is still valuable to the grower, we will still deliver the images. If the clouds or shadows obstructs the imagery to a point where the images are unlikely to provide any value to the grower, we will not deliver the images. In either case, you will be notified around the time your images are to be delivered to notify you that you may have clouds in your imagery or that you will not be receiving imagery for a particular field for the current flight cycle. For more information on TerrAvion’s policy for sub-optimal imagery, please review our Service Level Agreementhere