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I Can't See My Imagery When I Log In To My Account

Why can’t I see my imagery when I login to my account?

If you login to your account and don't see imagery for some or all of your fields, there are a few explanations why this may be.

Fields Not Yet Flown

If you have fields spread over several regions, the most likely explanation for not being able to see imagery is that you have not yet been flown. Half of your farms or fields may have been flown one day, but the rest might not be flown until a few days later. Our pilots fly as much of the route as possible in one day, prioritizing regions based on weather and time of day to ensure image quality. Therefore, you may have to wait until the end of the cycle until all fields are flown.


Imagery Not Shared

If you were not listed on the order form when the order was placed, the imagery may not have been shared with you yet. In this case, you should contact any user that has access to the imagery and ask them to share it with you. You can see how to do that here.

Timing of Order

If you are waiting on imagery for a recently placed order, it may be that the order was placed too late in a flight cycle, in which case you should expect imagery during the next flight cycle window. For example, if you placed an order during a flight cycle that ends within a week of the order, you may not receive imagery for that flight cycle. You should expect imagery at any time during the next flight cycle.

Browser Issues

If you are using the desktop site, you may have trouble viewing the imagery on non-recommended browser. TerrAvion imagery will not load on Internet Explorer. We advise that you use Google Chrome for the best viewing experience.

iPad/Mobile App Issues

There have been some technical problems with an outdated version of the mobile app. If you are having issues with the mobile app, delete it from your device and re-download it from the app store.

Defective Imagery Not Delivered

For 2017, TerrAvion has an over 98% success rate in delivering quality images on schedule. On rare cases, weather and technical issues prevent us from delivering imagery. In these cases, the customer will be notified of the undelivered image and should expect imagery for the next flight cycle. Flight cycles start on Monday and end on Sundays. Email notifications for undelivered images during the previous week will be sent out the following Monday. For more information regarding undelivered imagery, please review TerrAvion’s Service Level Agreement.

Imagery Recalled

On rare occasions, TerrAvion’s processing team will notice a problem with imagery after it has been delivered. We may recall the image to make a correction and will re-deliver shortly after. During this time, your imagery will be temporarily unavailable. If you file a layer issue, and we reprocess and deliver the field you were concerned about, you will still get a new imagery email.