Identifying Weed Pressure - Grapes




Growers can use TerrAvion imagery to identify weed issues in their fields, make targeted herbicide applications, and evaluate the effectiveness of herbicide treatments. In vineyards, it is important to address weeds/unwanted cover crops between bud break and veraison to avoid potential yield or vine loss due to competition for nutrients and water. In this example, the May 19th NDVI imagery reveals an area of high vigor in the lower-left of the image, which in-field scouting confirmed to be weed pressure. TerrAvion high-resolution imagery enables growers to see to the “row-level” and identify weed pressure between the rows.


Use TerrAvion imagery to identify suspiciously high vigor zones, which may correspond to weed pressure. The grower can use this imagery to direct weed scouting and target any remedial actions, such as spraying, disking, or mowing the area.