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How to use the TerrAvion Analytics View tool

The TerrAvion Analytics View feature is a comparison view tool that allows you to compare two different images of a single field


1. To access the TerrAvion Analytics View feature, first, log into your TerrAvion OverView account.

2. At the bottom of the screen, open the More menu and select Analytics View.


3. When you enter the analytics view screen, click View Mode to choose how you would like to compare your imagery. You can choose side by side or split view.


4. Side by side view simply puts your two images of choice right next to each other. When you pan around one image, the other side will mirror your actions.


5. The split view displays your field as one image, but when you drag a slider bar across the field, it will switch between your two images of choice.


6. Change the date and image layer on both sides to compare different image layers and image dates.

For more information on the Analytics View feature, please contact support@terravion.com