How to Share your TerrAvion Imagery with others

Step by step instructions on how to share your TerrAvion imagery with others. The first instructions are in case you want to share all or many fields. The second set of instructions if or sharing an individual field.

Share many fields

Share a single field

The first step is the same for sharing fields. You need to be logged into TerrAvion OverView.

1. Login to your TerrAvion OverView account using this link and enter your email address and password. And stay on your home page. 

Share many fields

2. If you want to share all your fields at once then click on "Dashboards", then next click on "Field Management"


3. The field management shows a list of all your fields with checkboxes in front of them. Select all or select only those that you want to share.

4. You can also share fields from previous years. Click on the filter icon in the top left corner of the screen, where you will be able to filter by Farm, Grower, etc.


5. For example, if you want to share your 2019 imagery, filter by:

Season: 2019

Then click "Close"


6. Check the boxes in front of the fields you want to share.

7. Next click on the 3 vertical dots:

8. On the dropdown, click "Share Selected Field(s)"

9. You will see the list of fields that you are sharing. Underneath the list, where it says 'Add Users', type or paste in the email address then click "Add User".




10. If the user does not have an account yet, you will be asked to type in their first and last name, then click "Save".





11. After the email is added and the 'add user' button is clicked, the screen will open further with various permissions for the shared fields.

Decide which permission the user should have for the fields that you are sharing. If you share more than one field, the permissions given will be the same for all the shared fields. Click on the drop-down menu to select the kind of access you want them to have:


12. The last step is to click "Share". You now have shared the fields with the other person and they can either see, share, or edit and share the fields.



2. Sharing an individual field

1. If you only want to share a single field, select 'Farm'.

2. Find the field that you want to share. Click on the share icon (in the red box below). Next, follow the steps listed above from step 8.