How to place an order

After you accept your plan, the flight services will be available under the Field Management dashboard in your maps account where you can add fields to flight plans

Logging into your maps account:

Follow the steps below to add fields to your order.

1. Login to your maps account using this link:

You will need your email address and password. If you forget your password, you can reset it with the "forgot password" button.


2. Click on "Dashboards", and click on "Field Management"


3. You can upload new field boundaries or use field boundaries from previous seasons. To filter for fields from previous seasons click on the filter icon.


Using 2018 field boundaries:

4. To use last season's field boundaries you will want to filter on "Season: 2018", then if you are wanting to filter by grower email address, you can do that too to make it easier to select all of a growers fields at once.


Uploading new field boundaries:

4. When uploading new field boundaries we accept the following file types: GeoJSON, .kml or a combination of the 3 file types (.shp, .shx, .dbf). If you submit files, it is best to zip them in a compressed folder. You don't have to submit one field at a time, you can submit multiple fields in a zipped folder.

You can only submit fields for one grower/farmer at a time, not for all of the growers at once.

Submit all fields for each farmer in one separate batch!

5. To upload new field boundaries click on the plus button icon.



This screen will pop up:


Type in a Farm and Field name, (even if these are already in the table of the files you are uploading). Select the Farmer and Agronomist. Or you can Add New Farmer or Add New Agronomist by clicking on the green button.

Choose the corresponding field boundaries - zip file.

Add a comment if you want one. Comments are not required. Then click "Save".

6. The next screen (below) will guide you through the upload process.

Select which column has your "Farm Names", and which column has your "Field Names".

If you would prefer to use the farm name that you typed in then click the checkbox "No appropriate column for farm name".

If you do not see the names of your farms and fields, click: "Click here if there is an issue selecting the appropriate farm and field names". A support ticket will be created and an engineer will contact you to help.


After you click save, the file should automatically upload. However, if the file takes over a minute to load, an email will be sent to our engineering team to have them load your fields through the ordering system for you and the message below will pop up.


If your upload is successful, the fields will show up in your dashboard to the left.

Steps to add fields to a flight plan:

1. To add a field to a flight plan, filter on "Season: Not Ordered" to see fields you have uploaded but haven't added to a 2019 flight plan. Then click "Close" (see image below).


2. You can select one of multiple fields, then add them to a flight plan. To select a field click the checkbox next to each field. Next, click on the shopping cart icon with the + in it to add the selected fields. Once you have all your fields that you want to order added, click the top right shopping cart icon.


3. Now the flight plan page will pop up (see image below). Click on "2 Select Plan" and click on the flight plan you would like to use.


4. Next select "Flight Services".


5. Next click "Place Order" (see image below).


6. An order summary will pop up (see image below)


The field boundaries show up in your home tab under 2019 (see image below). If you do not see the field added to the 2019 flight plan, please reach out to