How to Place a TerrAvion Order Using Your Climate Field Boundaries

The following information is for Climate FieldView users looking to place new imagery orders with TerrAvion. For existing TerrAvion customers looking to import their imagery into FieldView, please contact

1. Climate FieldView customers can now order TerrAvion imagery using their Climate field boundaries. To get started, first contact your local TerrAvion RVP or email to create a TerrAvion account.

2. Once you have created a TerrAvion account, login into your OverView account at

3. When you have logged in, click the name of your account in the upper right-hand corner of your screen to open the drop-down menu. In the menu, click Settings.


4. On the left side of the settings page, click Allowed Apps


5. On the Allowed Apps page, click the three dots next to climate and click Connect.


6. You will then be prompted to enter your Climate login information. Enter your login information and click Log In.


7. You will then be asked to all TerrAvion to access to your Climate information and permission to send imagery to your Climate account. Click Allow.


8. Once you have connected your accounts by following the steps above, back in your OverView account, click Dashboards at the top of the screen to open the Dashboards drop-down menu. Click Field Management.


9. In the Field Management Dashboard, click the plus icon at the top of the dashboard to place an order using your climate field boundaries.


10. You will then be asked how you would like to add new fields. Click Import from Third Party.


11. Select Climate FieldView from the third-party source menu.


12. Enter the email for the grower you are registering for TerrAvion imagery.


13. Select the fields you want to register for imagery. Click import.


14. Your fields will then be listed on the Field Management Dashboard. Select the fields you wish to register for imagery and then click the add to cart icon.


15. Once your fields have been added to your shopping cart, click the shopping cart icon at the top of the page to complete your order.


16. Confirm that you have selected the correct fields and click the Choose Plan button.


17. TerrAvion offers various subscription plans in our active regions. Chose the plan you wish to register for from the available options in your region. Click Choose Service.


18. Next, choose the Service for the plan you have selected. You can select a subscription plan, order a one-shot flight, or search for historical imagery for your fields. Click Confirm Details.


19. On the order confirmation page, check all of your order details and if everything is accurate, click Place Order.


20. Your order is now complete! When TerrAvion starts flying your fields, your imagery will automatically upload in your Climate FieldView account.