How to Install SST Summit and SST Sirrus

How to Install SST Summit and SST Sirrus

Installing SST Summit from the SST Homepage:

Navigate to the webpage.

Select the Products/SST Summit/Download option.

Fill out the information boxes, once completed click the Submit button.

The download process will begin, follow the on-screen directions.

Once the download is complete and you want to purchase, you will need to contact SST Software @ 1-888-377-5334 to register the software and receive the Summit Key.

Generating the Summit Key:

Open SST Summit.

Select Home from the top menu.

Select Settings on the left of the view.

Select the SST Summit Key tab.

Email the Device ID and Serial Number to

An SST Customer Service Representative will reply with your Summit Key.

Installing SST Sirrus:

In the App Store search for SST Sirrus.

Select the GET button option, this will download the program onto your device