How to Download an Image of Your Field as a PDF

TerrAvion users can now download a PDF file of any one of their fields. Growers can select any number of map layers for a particular field to be included on the PDF report. To download an image of your field as a PDF please follow the steps below.

Downloading a Field Image as a PDF

1. Select a field and image date for which you would like to download an image of.

2. If you plan to include your NDVI map layer, the PDF downloader will use whatever color map you have selected in the main viewing screen.

3. Open the MORE menu at the bottom of the screen and select PDF generator. 


4. When the PDF Generator window opens you will see a list of map layers in the upper right-hand part of the window. Select which map layers you would like to include on your PDF. 


5. If you select all four map layers, four images will be fit on to one single page. 


6. If you select one single map layer, that image will fill up the entire page. 


7. In the Notes To Customer section, add any notes you would like to include on your PDF.

8. When you have selected the arrangement of map layers you wish to include on your PDF, click GENERATE PDF button to download your PDF


9. Your PDF can then me found in your Downloads folder on your drive. 

10. To download your PDF, be sure that you have your popup blocker security setting disabled. 

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