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How To Download A GeoTIFF File Of Your Field

How to download a GeoTIFF field for your field

A TerrAvion GeoTIFF file is a multi-band, georeferenced image file. You can download a GeoTIFF file for any specific layers for any one of your images. The GeoTIFF file will contain the geographic coordinates of the image, as well as the image properties for the specific layer you have selected.

To download a GeoTIFF file for any of you fields, first select your field of interest.

On the toolbar at the bottom of the page, click the More button.

In the popup menu, click Download GeoTIFF button.

After you download the file, find the file either in the pop-up message at the bottom of your browser screen, or in the Download folder on your hard drive.



A GeoTIFF is a complex file with a lot of information packed into it. Many other platforms will not accept a GeoTIFF file as an import. In this case, one option is to break the file into two parts, one part the contains the image properties, and one file that contains the geographic information. For more information on how to convert GeoTIFF files, click here.


Geotiff is a TIFF file format which allows information to be embedded. The following is the default specification of TerrAvion’s GeoTIFF and TerrAvion’s Multiband-GeoTIFF from the download button in maps.terravion.com.

How to download a GeoTIFF field for your field d

The bands are the imagery information in the GeoTIFF. For GeoTIFF the number of bands is 1 it is a colormapped geotiff, and 4 if it is non-color mapped with the 4th band being the alpha channel.

# of bits is the number of bits contained in the GeoTIFF. 8 bit corresponds to allowing the GeoTiff to store values from 0 to 255. 16 bit corresponds to allowing the Multiband-GeoTiff to values from 0 to 65536.

Projection is the georeferencing reference information of the GeoTIFF. EPSG: 4326 corresponds to the lat lng coordinate system.

Geometry Buffer is the buffer TerrAvion put in place on top of the geometry, so that extra imagery is contained in the GeoTIFF in case surrounding information is needed for analysis.

Alpha blending also known as feather is contained in the geotiff, so that tiles derived from the geotiff blend together well when there are overlapping fields.

For more information, please contact support@terravion.com.