How To Do It: Scouting Your Fields With TerrAvion Imagery

How To Scout Your Fields With TerrAvion Imagery

TerrAvion NDVI imagery provides growers with a visual representation of their fields health. Use TerrAvion imagery to direct your scouting efforts to identified problem areas, saving you time and money over random scouting.

  • When reviewing your most recent imagery, always start with the issue detection queue sent to you by the TerrAvion team.
  • If you are not a TerrAvion customer, first place an order and create an account.
  • If you are part of a team that already has imagery and would like to have access to that imagery, have the account owners share imagery to your account.

Identifying Scouting Locations

  1. Log into your TerrAvion OverView account
  2. Select imagery you wish to scout
  3. Review issue detections identified by TerrAvion team
  4. Make your own detections
  5. If you have already identified an issue you want to scout, skip the Field Scouting section below.
  6. Navigate to a single field/detection
  7. Filter through image layers for full context when analyzing issue.
  8. Use thermal, natural color and NDVI imagery to spot vigor variability and inconsistencies that stand out on the farm level.
  9. If the Vigor map doesn’t show much variation, use the automatic vigor map to bring out more detail.
  10. If the Thermal map doesn’t show much variation, use the automatic thermal mapto bring out more detail.
  11. Make notes of irregularities you decide warrant an in-person investigation.

Field Scouting

  • Follow the directions below to scout your fields with the TerrAvion mobile app.
  • To scout your fields with SST, click here.
  • To scout your fields with FieldView, click here.
  • To scout your fields with MyJohnDeere, click here.

Field Scouting With The TerrAvion Mobile App

  1. Download the TerrAvion mobile app on your mobile device
  2. For Apple devices, download the TerrAvion mobile app from the App Store
  3. For Android devices, download the TerrAvion mobile app from Google Play
  4. Drive to a field where you have identified issues you intend to scout
  5. Open the TerrAvion mobile app.


6. Select the field you are scouting.


7. Select the most recent image date.


8. Turn on the Vigor map layer.


9. Refer to the scouting notes you made while review your imagery to determine your scouting location point.

10. Use the GPS feature in the mobile app to navigate to your scouting location point you have identified.


11. At each scouting location, record your observations

12. Identify the correlation between the issue and imagery (NDVI).

13. In OverView, use the information from step #7 and the histogram tool to extrapolate your findings in your scouting zones across your entire field.


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