How to Do: Center Pivot Irrigation Management

How to Detect Center Pivot Irrigation Issues In Your Fields Using TerrAvion Imagery.

  1. Log into your TerrAvion account.
  2. Start by reviewing your issue detection dashboard for any detection alerts.
  3. To detect irrigation failures along with your pivot, review your imagery on the farm level to identify thermal patterns.
  4. On the field level, look for circular patterns in thermal imagery.
  5. Wet areas correspond to cold zones on the thermal map.
  6. Dry areas correspond to hot zones on the thermal map.
  7. Nozzle failures and/or pressure issues will appear as circular patterns in thermal imagery.
  8. Small circular patterns likely indicate a nozzle failure.
  9. Larger circular patterns may indicate nozzle pressure issues.
  10. Note the sprinkler wheel track marks as normal patterns when trying to identify nozzle failures.
  11. Pivot end blowouts will appear as a big cold spot at the end of a pivot.



12. In some cases, NDVI or natural color imagery can pick up irrigation failures that aren’t evident in thermal. Be sure to review all image layers while looking for irrigation failures.





13. If you identify any suspicious thermal or NDVI patterns that you feel warrant an in-person investigation, use TerrAvion imagery to scout the issues.

14. Make correction.

a. Replace clogged nozzles

b. Consult with your sprinkler manufacturer to correct water pressure issues