How To Create An Account With TerrAvion

Signing up for a free TerrAvion OverView account is easy.

There are multiple ways to get an TerrAvion OverView account. The most simple one is described below. The two other ways: a TerrAvion OverView account is created automatically if you purchasing an aerial imagery subscription or if someone shares a field with you. You will receive an email regarding your account at the email address you provided.

  1. Log into Terravion Maps with this link.

2. Fill in your details

Fill in details

3. Somebody from TerrAvion will reach out to you to learn about your needs to make sure that you get the right information in your account.

4. Afterwards, you will receive an email requesting you to activate your account.

5. Once activated your account ready to use. You will see the fields that are shared with you.