Grapes: Harvest Zones

How to use TerrAvion imagery to identify harvest zones in your vineyards.

Uneven vineyard vigor potentially results in mixed grape quality at harvest. With TerrAvion, you can use our NDVI imagery to create harvest zones, enabling differential harvesting to avoid mixing high and low-quality grapes, allowing you to achieve a higher quality yield.

In the image below, you see a vineyard with blocks that are showing different vigor levels. In this example, the large block on the east side of the vineyard is ready for harvest, as is the small block in the middle. The block in the northwest corner is not yet ready for harvest. The large block in the southwest corner of the vineyard shows that about a third of the block is ready for harvest, while the rest is not.


You can use the polygon tool to create a "harvest zone" in a block that is not uniformly ready for harvest. Using this tool, you can select an area that you want to identify as a harvest zone, as seen in the image below. After you draw your shape, you will be able to see the size of your selected area in acres. You will also have the option to download the associated GEOJSON or SHP file, which you can integrate with other precision farming programs you may use.


After identifying harvest zones in your vineyard, you can download your imagery on the mobile app, which will allow you to view your imagery while offline and on the go. While walking your vineyard, the GPS locator in the app will show you exactly where you are on ground level in relation to your imagery. This lets you place yourself in the exact row that you've identified as the split between a harvest zone and a zone not ready for harvest, allowing you to be precise in directing harvesting teams only to the zones you've identified as harvest-ready.


How To Designate Harvest Zones In Your Vineyard With TerrAvion:

  1. As the time for harvest approaches, use your TerrAvion imagery to identify the mature areas of your vineyard, which will show themselves as low vigor.
  2. Ground-truth your imagery.
  3. If your imagery mirrors what you see in your vineyard, use your NDVI imagery to designate areas of low vigor as harvest zones.
  4. On your mobile device, download the imagery of your vineyard while connected to wifi. For more information on using the mobile app, click here.
  5. If you've decided on a partial harvest for one of your blocks, head out into your vineyard towards that area.
  6. Use the GPS locator in the OverView app to navigate to the row you've identified as the split from harvest to non-harvest zones.
  7. Note the exact row and inform your harvesting team of the harvest zone.

This is how you can use TerrAvion imagery to create harvest zones in your vineyard to maximize profit on your yields.