Grape Quality Sampling




Growers can use TerrAvion imagery to help target grape quality testing in their vineyards and use the data to make informed vineyard management decisions. In this example, three samples were taken from three different vigor zones in a high-quality Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard: Zone 1, Low Vigor (pink in left-hand image above); Zone 2, Medium Vigor (blue in the left-hand image above); and Zone 3, High Vigor (light blue in the left-hand image above). By targeting sampling in these zones, the grower was able to identify representative fruit quality in each zone. Zone 1 canopies were extremely dry, dominated by highly desiccated berries, and appeared to be non-harvest-able, with degrees Brix running approximately 5 points higher than Zone 2. Zone 2 canopies were on-track to harvest with degrees Brix averaging around 20 points. Zone 3 remained highly-vigorous and not yet ready-to-harvest, with degrees Brix running about 2 points lower than Zone 2.


Use NDVI imagery to make informed management decisions enabling reduced variability during harvest.