Fertilizer Applicator Malfunction W/ Samples - Commodity Crops




Growers can use TerrAvion imagery to identify equipment failures that may otherwise go unnoticed. In this example, the grower had a fertilizer applicator malfunction. The irregularities in fertilizer application were not detectable in the field; however, the imagery revealed a pattern to the lower vigor rows (red lines above). The agronomist used the measurement tool to identify the spacing between the low-vigor rows and realized that the distance between the rows conformed to the fertilizer applicator boom. The agronomist pulled ears from the low vigor rows (left ears in image) compared to the rows that received a regular fertilizer rate (single right ear in image), which demonstrated much smaller ears in the low-vigor rows. This equipment malfunction undoubtedly cost the grower yield, and almost certainly would have gone unnoticed and likely repeated the following season without the benefit of imagery.


Use TerrAvion aerial imagery to evaluate the effectiveness of equipment operation and take corrective action where appropriate. Unidentified equipment failures can go unfixed year after year, costing the grower thousands of dollars each season.