Evaluating Nematode Treatments - Commodity Crops




TerrAvion aerial imagery can help growers identify and quantify pest infestations in their fields and evaluate the effectiveness of an insecticide treatment throughout the season. In this example, the grower tested the effects of irrigation in two fields he knew to be infested with nematodes. In the image on the left, you can see that the left side of the field, which received full irrigation was able to overcome the nematode effects, while the added plant stress of limited irrigation on the right side of the field has allowed the nematodes to develop at a devastating rate. Similarly, in the image on the right, the upper fully-irrigated portion of the field suppressed the nematodes, while they flourished in the limited-irrigation lower portion.


Use TerrAvion aerial imagery to help identify and quantify pest damage, to guide targeted treatments, and to evaluate the effectiveness of applied treatments.