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Do I have new imagery and when will my fields be flown?

How do I know if I have new imagery and when are my fields scheduled to be flown

“Do I have new imagery?” and “When will my fields be flown?” are two of the most common questions submitted by TerrAvion customers. Conveniently, TerrAvion customers have the tools to answer these questions for themselves all season long available right in their OverView accounts.

Do I have new imagery?

Before you even log into your account, you will always receive an email alert notifying you that you have new imagery.





Your new imagery email notification will list the most recent image deliveries for your account along with a link that will take you to your fields. Keep an eye on your inbox for new imagery notifications. If you are not getting your new imagery notification emails, check your spam or junk folders to make sure your notification emails are not being marked as spam.

Inbox feature

Once you log into your OverView account, take a look at your imagery timeline. Images that you have not yet viewed will be marked with a blue, crossed-out eye icon. Once you view your new imagery, this icon will disappear.



To see a list of your most recent imagery as well as a list of imagery you have not yet viewed, open the inbox feature by clicking the envelope icon at the top of the page.




When you open the inbox feature, you will see a list of your most recent imagery, starting with the most recent image. The green dot next to your field indicates that you have not yet viewed the most recent imagery for that field. If you click the toggle in the upper left-hand corner, the list will show only the imagery which you have not yet viewed, starting with the most recent date.



When will my fields be flown?

Keep in mind, TerrAvion never promises to deliver imagery on a specific day, rather we operate in cycles. A cycle is a block of days that our pilots and operations team are given to carry out their flight plans and process your imagery. The TerrAvion team can deliver imagery anytime during a flight cycle.

TerrAvion users can use the Flight Cycle feature and Flight Status dashboard to check on the status of current, future, and past flights. To see the Flight Cycle Feature for a specific field, click the 'More' button at the bottom of the screen when you are on that field, and click Flight Cycle.




The Flight Cycle Dialog shows for each field all flight cycles including the flight status and capture date, see image below.

The overview of the flight status for all your fields can be found in the Flight Status Dashboard. 

Read how to access the Flight Status Dashboard and the available information here.