Creating a Manual Seeding Script with FieldView™

Creating a Manual Seeding Script with FieldView™

FieldView™ manual prescriptions allow you to create corn and soybean seeding prescriptions (including multi-hybrid) as well as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and lime prescriptions. This document outlines the process for creating a Manual Seed Script.

Create a Script Via

1. Log in to your FieldView™ account via

2. Select the field for which you would like to create a script.

3. Access the variable rate tools from the Rx tab found at the bottom of the map screen.

Create a Script Via the FieldView™ App

1. Log in to your FieldView account via the FieldView app.

2. Access the variable rate tools from the Rx tab found at the bottom of the Overview screen.

3. Select the field for which you would like to create a prescription.


4. From the Prescription Management page, confirm that you are on the Planting tab and in the current season, then click Create new prescription.


5. Seeding prescriptions can be created using both the Manual or Advanced Seeding Prescription tools. This tutorial covers the steps for Manual Seeding Prescriptions. Confirm you are on the Planting tab, select the Crop you will be planting and select Start on the Manual Prescription option.


6. Select your management zones. Choose the set of management zones you would like to use for your prescription (SSURGO Zones, or Draw Your Own) zones and then click Next. If you have already created prescriptions on that field, you will also be able to select the zones associated with any primary prescription.


7. Enter planting plan details. Select a planned Planting date, the hybrid or hybrids you plan to plant, indicate if you will be using a starter liquid fertilizer (this allows you to enter your liquid rates alongside the planting rates), assign a distinct prescription filename that you will recognize in your display then click Finish in Editor.

Note: Some displays only show the first 24 characters of the filename. Our default naming system selects the field name, hybrid and date prescription was created.


8. On the Script Editing screen, you can:

  • Enter the target yield and population for each zone.
  • Select the zone you wish to edit by clicking on the map area for that zone or by selecting the zone from the list on the left side of the screen. After all edits are complete, click Save in the upper right hand corner.
  • Merge, split and draw new zones.
  • Create a check strip and assign a target yield and static planting population. Use the drawing tools as detailed above to create a new zone.
  • View different map layers with the prescription map. All of the map layers that are available on the fields screen can be layered in with your planting prescription. The default map is the soil SSURGO map layer.


Script Editing Tools

Change Map

Use different map layers to identify and create different management zones.

Draw (polygon, square, pivot)

Draw a unique shape. Polygon-Each tap represents an point of the shape. Click back on the first point to close the polygon shape and press Done.Square-tap the map to place a square on the mapview, then use the center of the square to change the location, and any corner point to change the dimensions. Pivot-tap the map to place a circle on the mapview, then use the center of the circle to change the location, and the point on the perimeter of the circle to change the diameter of the circle.


Tap Merge to combine any zones. Zones can be selected from the map or from the Zone list.


Tap Split to divide multi-polygon zones into their individual polygons.,You will only be able to split zones that contain multiple, disconnected polygons.


Select Undo to reverse any shapes that have been created on the field. Actions will “undo” in reverse order sequence.

9. Review and Save

Review your prescription in the bottom left-hand corner. The summary provides the average population and number of bags needed to plant the prescription.


Click Save when you’ve completed your edits. If populations are not entered for each management zone, you will not be able to click the Save button.

10. Export

When you are ready to export the prescription to your monitor, click Export and select the display monitor that will be used to execute the prescription. Prescriptions automatically send to FieldView™ Cab app. To connect with John Deere Operations Center, select the link under the Export menu to connect Operations Center with FieldView.


Compatible Monitors/File Types



Manage your seeding and fertility prescriptions from Prescription Management, either on web or iPad® device. You can edit, copy, rename, delete, export, or set a primary prescription.

Prescription Management Options.

Set as Primary

After creating multiple prescriptions, Set as Primary allows you to export seamlessly to connected equipment. In addition, Set as Primary sends prescription information to the Nitrogen Management Tool.


Allows you to change the name of the prescription.

Make a Copy

Allows you to create a new prescription on the same field from the current prescription. You can edit and rename it to have a second option for the field.


Allows you to export your prescription to your equipment.


Allows you to delete prescriptions you do not intend to use. Delete is not an option when you have only one prescription on a field or for a prescription that is Set as Primary.

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