Converting a TerrAvion GeoTIFF into a World File (.tfw/.TIFF) in QGIS

How to convert TerrAvion GeoTIFF files into a World Files (.tfw/.TIFF) using QGIS

TerrAvion imagery is usually exported as a GeoTIFF, a file type that holds georeferencing information along with band information per coordinate. Precision farming software differ in the file types they accept, and a commonly accepted file type is the (.tfw) World File. Converting a GeoTIFF to a (.tiff) and a (.tfw) file separates the attached geographic information from the image file. There are many conversion programs on the market, but TerrAvion recommends QGIS, a popular general-purpose GIS software, to convert your TerrAvion GeoTIFF files.

Once you open the TerrAvion OverView app, select a field and download the GeoTIFF file for the layer desired for the chosen field (steps 1 and 2 below).

downloading geotiff from OverView

Once you have the file types downloaded, open QGIS to import the downloaded GeoTIFF. It is recommended to process only one file/image at a time.


One the top menu bar, Select Raster → Conversion → Translate (Convert Format)...


In this step, we will select both a GeoTIFF (*.tif *.tiff *.TIF *.TIFF), and a (.tfw) to output. Therefore, we will have an output file along with a companion file.

Under the Output file, select a folder to save your images. Make sure Save as type is GeoTIFF (*.tif *.tiff *.TIF *.TIFF)


Next, check the Creation Options box, and click the "+" button to add a new option.


Type "tfw" in the name box, and in the value Bow, type "yes". Next, click the pencil/edit button and confirm your changes.


In the folder you select to save your files, you will now see two files for your image, the .tfw and the .tiff file. The .tfw file holds the geographic coordinates, and the .tiff file is the image.


Repeat the process for any additional map layers.