Connecting Your TerrAvion Account to MyJohnDeere

How to Connect your TerrAvion Account to Your MyJohnDeere Account

TerrAvion users can now connect their TerrAvion OverView account with their MyJohnDeere accounts. To do so, first log in to your TerrAvion OverView account at

  1. In your TerrAvion OverView account, click on your name in the top right corner and click on Settings in the drop-down menu.


2. In the Settings menu, click on Allowed Apps. In the Allowed Apps menu, click the 3 dots next to MyJohnDeere and click Connect.


3. Click CONNECT WITH JohnDeere.


4. Next, email and provide the name of the Farm or Fields you would like to connect to your MyJohnDeere account. (We temporarily added this step because we want to give users the option to select fields in order to not overwhelm their JD Ops Center account with data. We expect to deploy an automated field picker soon.)

5. After you have received a response from TerrAvion, log in to your MyJohnDeere account.


6. In your MyJohnDeere account, open the Operations Center.


7. In the Operations Center, click on Fields button and select a field.


8. In the prompted window, click the Field Analyzer button.


9. While viewing your imagery, use the menus at the top of the page to select you image date and map layer.


For more information, please contact