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Comparing 2019 and 2020 TerrAvion products

Comparing 2019 and 2020 TerrAvion products

In addition to significant operational improvements, TerrAvion has again made product enhancements for the 2020 season. For 2020, TerrAvion customers across North America will receive uniform, standard services with the specifications outlined below. 

Comparing 2019 and 2020 TerrAvion products

All sensors will be uniform across the United States and Canada and collecting at 9.77 cm mean optical Ground Sample Distance. Below is a chart outlining TerrAvion product specifications from 2019 and 2020:


2020 product creation

The below chart illustrates how we take data from each camera in our camera pods to create all 7 of our core imagery products. 



Dynamic exposure compensation

For 2020, TerrAvion is adding dynamic exposure compensation and low light Signal-to-Noise Ratio hardware and software improvements.  This will also allow us to capture high-quality data across a wider range of weather conditions. 

Improving reliability and communication for 2020:

  • New service design which will result in more deliveries and more transparency about when to expect the next delivery.
  • Increase in fleet collection capacity and speed.
  • Conducted external audit of operations, created an improvement action plan that is currently being implemented.
  • New aircraft fleet and pilot organization enabling daily tracker status reporting to clients.
  • Improved aircraft allocation, basing, and maintenance programs.
  • Schedule design is standardized across all regions to weekly attempts on clients' acres regardless of historical weather patterns; that is, long cycles have been eliminated.  This should mean more deliveries for clients when the weather allows.

For more information on TerrAvion 2020 product specifications, please visit www.terravion.com/product-info-2020 .