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Comparing 2018 and 2019 TerrAvion products

Comparing 2018 and 2019 TerrAvion products

TerrAvion has altered and improved our imagery products for the 2019 season. We now offer two new products, a synthetic color and pansharpened thermal product, in addition to ultra-high-resolution offerings in select regions.

Comparing 2018 and 2019 TerrAvion products

Below is a chart outlining TerrAvion product specifications from 2018 and 2019:


2019 product creation

This is how we take data from each camera in our camera pods to create all 7 of our core imagery products. Note that our two new products, the synthetic color and pansharpened thermal layers, are a combination of natural color and infrared, and thermal and infrared, respectively. You can see in the chart above that combining the higher resolution CIR imagery with the color and thermal layers changes the resolution of the end products, the synthetic color and pansharpened thermal layers.


Noise-Reduced NDVI

Standard TerrAvion NDVI and CIR imagery will also have a new look for the 2019 season. Specifically, 2019 NDVI and CIR will have a increase in baseline sensitivity, drastically reducing the signal to noise in CIR and NDVI imagery and sharper near infrared wavelengths. Basically, we have made changes to our cameras and sensors that will deliver clearer, less noisy CIR and NDVI products to our customers. The grainy effect seen on our precious NDVI products is often an effect of the limited light absorbed in the near-infrared. The new product drastically reduces this effect.

2018-2019 NDVI

Synthetic Color: a high-resolution color product

With the improvement in the resolution of our infrared products, we aim to keep our color products at the same resolution or better. Combining image channels produces an equivalently high-resolution color product. Synthetic Color imagery is a combination of our natural color product and infrared product. The result of this combined product is a higher resolution color image.

2018-2019 synthetic

Pansharpened Thermal: a high-resolution thermal product

Pansharpened Thermal imagery is a much more detailed thermal product than our standard thermal. The pansharpened thermal combines the contrast of the near-infrared (NIR) camera and the thermal temperature information of the thermal camera. This combined product allows you to see field characteristics such as crop rows or other plant signatures that are clearly visible in infrared imagery but are not visible in our standard thermal product.